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Anal sex forum

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Gets Me Off I enjoy anal sex to a large degree. The first time I did it was to please my boyfriend but I ended up enjoying it myself. I personally like to be held face down and have it forced on me. Yes, at first it hurt a little.

Age: 24
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Happy Bunny Anal, I love it. Once fully in, he would start banging away and grabbing and pulling on my breasts like I like them to be treated. Yes, at first it hurt a little.

All I Need I have the most intense orgasms you can imagine, even better than vaginal. I let him tongue my anus all the time, but finally I gave in and let him do my ass. Whether you've already made a commitment to only have anal sex with a partner or are just turned on by the idea and were led here by perverted curiosity, you'll find yourself in good company.

One day while I was taking a shower he came in and we started to have sex in the shower, a few minutes into it he stopped and started to put it into my ass. As far as orally stimulating the anus, once again vigilance in hygiene is the KEY soap and water are a perfect foreplay intro. It still hurts at first, but after a few thrusts, man, it feels amazing.

She licked my clit as she slowly used it on me and I swear I passed out from the orgasm. Loving Bond My husband and I have been having anal sex for sexx 15 years now. Also as long as she kept licking me and using the toy, I seemed to keep cumming. He literally ran to the bathroom and grabbed the lube.

About the anal only lifestyle

Everyone has their own little take on what anal only means to them, and the only thing that is strictly not allowed in the lifestyle is vaginal penetration. The reason it worked so well was because I had lots of practice time by myself for months. Otherwise I love it. Use lots of lube and enjoy it. Once or twice a month gorum most we do it.

Anal only lifestyle forum

Follow Us. It has to be my favorite sex act.

I have multiple orgasms every time. Anal orgasms are intense beyond belief.

Highly Erotic Last night was actually the first time I had successful anal sex — and I had it twice. Not to often though because as I said, it really wears me out.

Agony aunts

He was gentle at first. Same goes here. It only hurts for a minute, then the pleasure is overwhelming. I highly suggest you try it. Thumbs Up or Down? Trust me — M. As far as the risk of bacterial infection, those who engage in enjoying the distinctly unique pleasures found in anal sex must always be diligent to maintain a high degree of hygiene and precaution.

The first time I did it was to please my boyfriend but I ended up enjoying it myself.

It took several times with just a small amount of penetration before we could finally go fully in the ass. You men enjoy, too!

Yes, it does seem a little dirty and that makes it even more fun. Total Trust We have never used any form of lubrication other than natural. Harder Is Better Use a lot of lube. It is now a part of our ssx life. I orgasmed the very first time we had anal sex. His tool is lubricated from my vaginal juices and he spends time pushing it in; at this moment I am usually crying in ecstasy forget the drug this is real fun.

Anal sex forum discussions

Enter Here It is indeed a wonderful sensation once you get past the thought of it being an exit only. First you must be foum relaxed.

Something about my man being totally in control just got me off. I am blessed with a husband who is rather large so I have to take some extra precautions for myself.

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We talk about everything and even start foreplay just through talking so we are both very wet when it is time for penetration. He also came ofrum me from behind and I loved the feeling. I feel so full. Worked wonders!

Anal sex - advice please from those who like it!

Most intense orgasm I ever had. Practice — it only gets better. Just Do It I was the girl who told herself she would never attempt anything like anal sex.

To any woman who is a little scared but deep down would like anzl try it, do it. I have never trusted a man as I trust him, which allows me to completely relax with him.

I ready men

Now I want it more that he does. This only happens in that position and I was very quick to teach my current bf the trick. She had a hard time getting the smallest one in because I was so tense. Heavenly, Ses, Intimate I very much enjoy anal sex, and have for years.

I personally like to be held face down and have it wex on me. Usually I lay on my side and we have a mirror positioned so we both can watch the proceedings.